Kneeling Pad, Kneeling Mat
Custom PVC Caoated Work Pads

The TUFF STUFF Worker Pad is made of heavy, resilient, open-cell foam rubber, not hard plastic like many other work mats. This comfortable, ergonomic mat will not compression set or absorb liquids. It is impervious to oil and other petroleum products and are self-extinguishing if exposed to fire. Great for severe kneeling conditions on cold hard steel, concrete, grating, and gravel surfaces.

Typically constructed of 2+ in. closed-cell foam rubber and thickly coated pvc outer shell, the TUFF STUFF Worker Pad is a resilient and durable mat. It's easy to clean so you can use soap, power wash. The TUFF STUFF Worker Pad is designed for industrial use and is incredibly tough.

Use of a good knee pad can help prevent and reduce knee trauma and back pains, making whatever work you are doing a whole lot more comfortable and beneficial by increasing your productivity. You pick the size for the application and we will create the product for your team. 

The TUFF STUFF Worker Pad is perfect for utility workers (telecommunications, plumbers), petrochemical workers, assembly line workers, flight line mechanics and electricians, or for use at home (gardening, DIY etc).


  • Reduces knee trauma and low back stress
  • Made of  2+ inches open-cell foam rubber
  • Prevents compression setting
  • Non-absorbent
  • Impervious to petroleum
  • Self extinguishing 
  • Easy to clean

Do you have requirements for Non-Conductive conditions? The Static Guard Worker Pad will fit right into your safety program. Do you need it to be coated to be completely conductive or Static Dissipative?  We have the custom work mat for your needs. Contact Us to find out how we can help you.

Kneeling Pad, Kneeling Mat