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Installed Worldwide Covering Inlet Plug 5VY55100-101
President and inventor Glenn Labay holding the TUFF STUFF Static Guard F-22 Inlet Plug. Part number 5VY55100-101
X-47B Inlet Plug By Worldwide Covering Inc.

Patuxent River, MARYLAND - JULY 31:. The X-47B during the Umanned Aircraft Systems Media Day Tuesday Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, Maryland. (Photo by Jared Soares For Wired.com)
F-16 Exhaust Plug USAF Thunderbirds manufactured by Worldwide Covering Inc.

FOD Prevention isn't the only problem to solve - it’s finding a better way to prevention. Simple, yet hugely effective. More powerful, but remarkably efficient. It’s one continuous form where hardware and ideas function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of FOD Protection that’s better by any measure.

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the many styles of engine covers for both military and commercial jets. Custom F-16 Inlet and Exhaust plugs and covers, F-15 Inlet and Exhaust plugs and covers, F-35 Inlet and Exhaust plugs and covers as well as A-10 covers, 737 covers A320 covers and many, many more.

We make for you:
F-16 Intake and Exhaust covers
F-15 Intake and Exhaust Covers
A-10 Intake and Exhaust Covers
F-22 Intake and Exhaust Covers
F-35 Intake and Exhaust covers and many more!


your covers by personalizing them for your aircraft, company or squadron. Your covers will be screen printed using inks that are vibrant and durable beyond to life of the cover. Special characters can be added to your covers such as department location ID or tail numbers.

Customizing new plugs or covers for your aircraft is our specialty. 

Look at the X47-B Intake Cover

F-22 Exhaust Plug
F-22 Exhaust Plug
F-15 Intake and Exhasut Plugs


The covers on your older equipment. Dash 21 is our specialty. Contact us to get a quote on some shiny new covers. Standard covers are made with 1000 Denier Cordura and Premium Colorfast covers are made using Sunbrella fabric. The TUFF STUFF and Static Guard Inlet and Exhaust Plug Systems are the best in the industry. These inlet and exhaust plugs are OEM Red Gear for the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning ll and go out with every new jet made. Good enough for them, good enough for the most discerning Crew Chief.



injuries and fatigue while working at the plant on the assembly line all the way to the flight line. The customizable pvc coated worker pad is safe and durable. Learn more



Kneeling Pad, Kneeling Mat
TUFF STUFF Worker Pad, kneeling pad
Single handed operation lets to work more efficiently while safely securing FOD. Custome imprinting and colors are available.
The world's only "Self-closing" FOD Bag.


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A complete ship set of covers. F-16 Aviano AFB, Italy

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Part number 5VY55100-101

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